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A Daily Sprint With the runaway Nun


What advice can a pastor's wife that has been dead

for over 500 years and  a metaphorical biblical

ideal wife offer the 21st century woman about all

the things she has to do in a day, all while

building a relationship with the Lord?

More than you might think!


This is no scholarly discourse, or profound work of theology, but rather a hit- the ground-running devotional for working women. Pulling together the life of German aristocrat, turned ex-nun, Katherine von Bora, wife of the Protestant Reformer Martin Luther, alongside the Proverbs 31 description of the “wife of noble character”.


This book pictures the life of a woman who provides for her family by fearing the Lord. A woman of shrewd business leadership, godly wisdom and tender care. A woman who is no push-over, while espousing her God-given place.  A wife who is no wallflower, but committed to being the ideal wife.


A thoroughly modern working woman, with the God given wisdom to do it God’s Way. A woman of quiet confidence, genuine compassion, and most importantly one who pointed to Christ in every part of her vocation, every provision made for her family and role she played, from proselyte nun to the original pastor’s wife.

In these 25 daily devotionals you'll find a chapter devoted to each scripture verse of Proverbs 31, and a small look into their life through the words of Katie and Martin, along with stories based on my life experiences as a Pastor's wife, and working mom. Together we will see that our lives are not so different from Katie's. And how it all flows together with the goals of being a good Proverb 31 wife, mother, daughter, and friend, all while we build a stronger connection to God. 

Please join me and the runaway Nun as we take a sprint in her shoes!

Check Out Chapter One

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